Carly Killen

“I went to Jonny with the aim to lose weight and get into some smaller clothes but over time that no longer mattered as he inspired me to become more interested with performance-based goals which felt so much better and made sure the changes I made would last.

I had always avoided the free weights area even though I secretly wanted to know what to do but was afraid to ask. Jonny is great at putting you at ease whilst still giving you that nudge to take the next step and challenge yourself.

He helped me to realise how low I kept setting my goals – I was always playing it safe!

Jonny gave me the confidence to try new experiences and step outside of my comfort zone as I knew he would be there to monitor my progress and help me change direction or tactics when needed. The level of support he provides is fantastic and he never judges you.”

Weight Down 38lbs

BodyFat Down 10.5 %

New Job

Newly Found Confidence

“I started to train with Jonny in order to achieve my goals. I have always trained but have either not got the nutrition right or become stagnant in the gym. Jonny changed this and I progressed!  

Jonny is very thorough and tailors sessions to your individual needs. Additionally, the nutrition information is very thought provoking and transformational.

 I have lost over 2 stone in weight, toned up and have a fresh outlook on lifestyle choices. People say I can’t afford a personal trainer but can afford to drink and buy take aways. It’s affordable because there is only one of you! Invest in you

Weight Down 32lbs

BodyFat Down 8.5 %

New attitude towards what a healthy lifestyle is! 

Brian Stillings

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Andy Keith

“It was a pleasure to be trained by Jonny. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable from the get go! 
But the most important thing for me is that he took to the time to sit with me and go over the whole process at the beginning, detailing how everything is going to work in an effort to make me as comfortable as possible. 

He knew my goals and even when I felt like I wasn’t motived he continued to push me to help better myself.

I can’t recommend Jonny enough and if I hadn’t moved away I would still be using him now!


Weight Down 40lbs

BodyFat Down 10 %

New Job

Moved To A New City 

“I started training with Jonny in mid 2017, I was starting to feel unhappy in my body and wanted a change! Jonny taught me that a change of lifestyle was needed, we started off with some tough sessions but we always got through them together!

We became a team and he always pushed for the best in me, over the course of 8/10months I had lost over four and a half stone and significantly dropped my body fat percentage!

I honestly can’t thank Jonny enough for all of the time and effort he had put into transforming my body and lifestyle, if anyone out there is looking for a PT there is no one out there better than Jonny!!

Weight Down 56lbs

BodyFat Down 17.6 %

Golf Handicap Down!  

George West

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Beth Fairbank

“After years of battling with my weight and only months left until my wedding day, I took the plunge and got in contact with a personal trainer – Jonny Baird. Within 4 months I’d finally taken control of my poor eating habits, was exercising effectively.

Training with Jonny was one of the best decisions I’d made and I was able to walk down the aisle feeling fabulous and proud of my achievements. 2 years on and my goals have changed but Jonny has been 100% behind me all the way.

He knows how to motivate and be tough without being too much and always has wise words, no matter the situation. I actually enjoy exercise for the first time in my life.

Jonny’s support isn’t just confined to the gym, thanks to his ‘gentle’ encouragement I can say I’ve made new gym friends, ran a 10k race, completed tough mudder and total warrior and joined a netball team (all of which I never dreamed of doing).”

Weight Down 21lbs

BodyFat Down 12.1 %

Newly Married

New Job

Completed a 10k

Completed ‘Tough Mudder’



I started training with Jonny after gaining weight throughout my university degree. Once I’d moved back home, I started to look for a personal trainer and Jonny already came recommend. Jonny took measurements on day one and showed me the best ways to exercise and eat/drink well in order to achieve my end goal within the time scale I had given my myself.

I’ve lost just under 2 stone and continue to lose  weight with all things Jonny taught me!

Jonny is great at keeping you motivated there any time of the day for support and constantly checking up on your to encourage great progression, anyone who needs motivation Jonny did that for me. I never once felt uncomfortable with my body in front of Jonny and my body confidence has increased greatly. I would 100% recommend Jonny to anyone weather its for toning up or weight loss or even both. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the goals I have”

Weight Down 25lbs

BodyFat Down 9.4%

Developed A Great New Routine

Enjoys Eating Again

El Towle

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