Personal Training

Jonny Baird Personal Training is a bespoke Personal Training service located at Total Fitness, Hull

We keep programmes simple. The Best Programme is one that is sustainable

My Mission is to help you Create long lasting Lifestyle Change Regardless of your barriers. I help people manage time and change thier mindset around health and fitness so that they can unlock their true POTENTIAL and finally be happy. 

Who Is It Suitable For?

I have worked with clients of all ages, of all fitness levels and I can find a package that best suits you and your needs. 

 I mainly help clients transform their body shape, whether that be fat loss, muscle building or athletic development.

Clients, who sometimes want to lose several stone or just a couple of pounds. Everyone has a different goal and ambitions. I am set up to tailor to the individual and get the best out of them!  


What I have learnt, however,  is that I can only help someone that actually wants my help! I want to help those who are stuck and genuinely want to change, those who show they have a burning desire to change! 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and join a community of like minded people. Start your journey today! Step outside of your comfort zone….


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No strings attached. Get in touch today and let me know how I can help you. We will work together to figure out your ‘success blueprint’. If you decide to work with me, brilliant. If not, thats cool too but let me help you figure out if this is the right service for you


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