About Me

Family Man & Twin

The youngest of four, I have always been used to being around people! My brothers and I are all at stages in our lives where we have become independent enjoying our own success; not that its a competition though…!

Now living with my girlfriend Holly I have a great base, in East Yorkshire, to be able to do the things I love and help as many people as I possibly can. I love meeting new people which is great in my line of work! Seeing the impact I have had on my clients away from sessions is a truly awesome feeling! 

Business Owner

My health and fitness journey started in 2013, when I enrolled on a sport science degree at the University of Hull. 3 enjoyable years later, and after graduating,  in 2016 I joined Pro-Fit Personal Training and have accumulated more than 3,500 hours of contact time with my wonderful clients who have worked to overcome and achieve almost anything & everything! 

Recently, I have become a business mentor for the new trainers coming in, allowing them to learn from my experience so they can help more and more people!

Seeing people achieve what they never thought they could is one of the best things about my job!

Pro-Fit Personal Trainer

As you’ve read previously, I am a personal trainer! I think, however its worth noting and talking about the amazing group of trainers I get to ply my trade with! We are a group of self-employed personal trainers, 132 of us to be precise, who all share common values! This in itself has been invaluable for my development but as well, the development of my clients!

If Im ever unsure I have the backing and experience of 132 other trainers to fall back on and who are always eager to help! Being part of this team is definitely unique thing within the industry. I feel you can see this when you take a  moment to examine the businesses my colleagues have built.  The amount of lives they have helped transform is extraordinary.

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